Why do it?

“Those who can’t do”

“It would seem you have no useful skill or talent, have you thought about going into teaching?”

Why would you become a teacher? Are you teaching because there is nothing else to do? Are you teaching because it is fairly safe and there will always be jobs? Are you teaching because you get lots of holiday?

I’ve been bombarded with all of the above and I’m happy to say it is none of those things. Learning fascinates me. How do we pick up the things we pick up? How does it become second nature to do something? I adore the process of learning and I absolutely love watching it happen. I am not teaching for personal satisfaction; I am not doing it because I feel I owe something to someone; I am doing it because I absolutely want to and I really enjoy doing so. The only thing I have in my mind is ‘how can I convey my enthusiasm in a genuine way?’ I would like all of these children to go home and say they enjoy maths (wouldn’t that be nice?!) and I am learning how to be authentic with that every day that goes by.

It would also be silly here not to admit the following…children are brilliant! Every single child is fantastic – I wholly believe that. Every single day they inspire me. This is the essence of teaching and everything mentioned above; it is a two-way process. Everything about teaching and learning should be two-way and teachers should inspire students but students should inspire teachers. Students are far better creative thinkers than we are (in this writer’s opinion) because they are allowed to be.

I would advise everybody to give teaching a go. “I don’t like children though” or statements to that equivalent would soon evaporate. You will understand, very quickly, that you don’t like children who are in a tough spot. It is your job to ease those spots as much as possible.

Secondly, I believe teaching is one of the most professional professions. By this, I mean that I believe all teachers strive to get better. No teacher that I know is doing their job in order to get paid. All teachers are trying to be the best teacher they can be. I’m not sure this is true about other jobs (in my experience).

Hats off to everyone in education. We complain – there are things we would all like to change, naturally – but it is a pretty good system. It is a good system because of you guys. Keep enjoying it – I certainly will!



Why do it?

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