Clever Lands: A first-class education insight


To put it simply, I cannot think of a person I would not recommend this book to. Educators, parents, leaders should absolutely read it but I will push students and others to read too. Everyone can learn something from Lucy Crehan’s fantastically researched, objective account on the ‘world’s education superpowers’.

Upon opening this book, I was interested in other schools, particularly internationally but now I would go so far as to say I am fascinated. Crehan manages to subtly compare and contrast education systems without putting one above another and without her own opinion coming through. The reader is encouraged to imagine themselves in these different scenarios and imagine whether they would send their own children, or work, there.

Backing up all of Lucy Crehan’s findings is an immense amount of research. Indeed there are more than 250 studies, journals, books referenced – all contributing to a stellar discussion on how students learn all over the world.

To finish, I will not go into details about the book – you must buy it to see that – but I will push the author’s clear fascination with motivations. She is adamant that culture is not the be all and end all but there is a theme throughout that motivation lies at the heart of solid education. This is the take-home message for me and one in which we can all act on. Parents can help. Teachers can help. Leaders can help. Students can help.

All in all, a fantastic book and one I hope to read into more and more in the new year. A great way to finish the year. Here’s to reading and learning more!



Clever Lands: A first-class education insight

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